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Daddy 9/24/2018
Hey Wei Wei,
Day 13. It is almost 2 weeks now baby, and we all miss you so much. But at the same time we know that you are still with us. In our hearts, and everywhere we see. You visit us, you watch over us. And now you are there with your grandpa and great grandma. They love you and will take care of you and I am sure you will take care of them just as well as you took care of us.
Mommy and I are building a memory book that we will keep with us and remember all the sweet days we spent with you and the joy that you brought us. Daddy's sweet princess and mommy's baby girl, we love you so much.
Sleep well tonight Wei Wei.
Your loving Daddy.
Mom 9-23-18
Weiwei, I love you and miss you.  This evening I finally started working out again after a long break.  Last time I worked out, you were by my side as usual, you did some stretching, reached your paw to me as if you gave me instructions, and you also talked to me.  Mommy started working out again, to honor my weiwei.  I miss you and wish you were still here.  
Mom 9-22-18
Weiwei, Mango cuddled with mommy this morning just like you did.  We missed you. 

Once in Ardmore, you climbed to a tree at night and woke me up by your loud meowing at 5am.  Now I think about it, you were famous in our neighborhood and our neighbors were really nice.  I came to rescue you and saw you sitting on the tree and did not dare to come down.  I was almost ready to call the firefights or anybody.  You came down.  You scraped your face but did not complain at all.  You are always so brave and try to take care of yourself.  

I know you went to the tree at night because you didn't like Oreo.  Mango does not like him either.  I understand.  But he is very smart and tough, and he is a very sweet cat too.  When you meet him there, be friendly to him.  I am sure he remembers us and appreciates that you and Mango shared a home with him when he was lost.  He will protect you when you get into trouble with other cats and dogs.
Daddy 9/22/2018
Hey Wei Wei, hope you are doing well and have found your peace. Today is Day 11 of our mourning. From Indian custom, starting today we pray for 3 days and make offerings of food and donations to make sure our baby's departed soul crosses over to the land of ancestors and finds salvation. I will shave my head again today and go to the temple and pray and make a donation for you. When you reach the land of ancestors, you will meet my dad and your grandma whom your mom loved dearly. They are very nice people and they will take great care of you.
We love you sweetheart.
Mom 9-19-2018
Weiwei, I think it was our happiest time when we lived in PA, where you had a big yard and you could explore as far as you wanted.  When you adopted mommy, you were only 2 lbs, and possibly 2 months old.  But you were already experienced with the wildness and you never forgot that.  Even in cold winter, you asked to go out around 11 pm and come back anytime before 5am.  I always woke up to your meow at door no matter how sound I was asleep.  Mother's instincts.  I got up and opened the door for you.  You always came right into bed and went under the warm blanket.  I asked where you had been and whether you had played with dead mice, you never bothered to tell me.  And I never minded you.
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