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Daddy 12/20/2018
Hey Wei Wei,
Mommy took me and the bros to see the places where you lived before. I could very well imagine you running around the neighborhood, climbing the trees and chatting with the dog across from the street. We visited your neighbors too. I loved going to the place where our Wei Wei had such nice memories. I think about you all the time.
Mango is very brave now. She even goes out on the deck even when the dogs across the fence are barking. She thinks of you all the time but she is doing much better. Thank you for taking care of us
Love you sweetheart!
Mom 12-11-2018
It has been 3 months.  Are you doing well?

Mommy visited our old houses, and our neighbor.  I almost felt that I could see you, little and energetic, running around in the neighborhood and talking to me.  You used to meow from far away in others' yard, and you also always makes announcement when you were about to jump off the tree.  Our neighbors still remember how you bothered chipmonks.  Maybe you were there watching mommy.  Mango is doing better now.  I am sure you are blessing her.  I love you and miss you very much.
Mom 12-8-2018
We visited our old houses, and thought of you.  We also saw our old neighbors who still remember you.  Hope you are having a good time.  We love you and miss you.
Mom 11-29-18
Your plant still bears the marks you left.  I think I could hear your meow at home.  We will visit our old home in a week.  Hope you will see it too.  We love you and miss you so much.
Mom 11-22-2018
We are talking about visiting Ardmore again today.  We will go to see our old house, yards, the big tree you climbed, and our nice neighbors who loved you too.  We will also go to center city.  I will tell Daddy and your brothers about all your adventures and stories.  We love you and miss you so much.
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